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High quality bathroom and wet room solutions


We are specialists in adapting bathrooms and wet rooms for the disabled, people with mobility problems and people who for various reasons might not be able to use a conventional bathroom.


there’s no need to think that style has to go out of the window because it is an adapted bathroom. Too often in the past, disability bathrooms have been overly institutionalised in style and have stuck to a rather clinical look,with rather limited ranges of colours and designs.
Well, those days are gone.. Bathrooms for people with disabilities or older people are as good looking and stylish as anything you could see in a conventional bathroom – and in fact some of the adapted rooms are just the same in terms of quality and appearance that you’d find in a showroom or boutique hotel.

Everyone’s requirements are different and our designers and installers understand that. We can offer walk in showers solution of some sort, whether that be a low or level access shower tray or a wet room. We offer the full range of supports, rails and other accessories that can be integrated into the design to make showering and bathing as enjoyable, safe, and straightforward as possible.

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Showering Solutions has years of experience in adapted bathrooms that can meet the unique requirements of the user. We pride ourselves on not only producing the best quality products which make a bathroom truly accessible but in making sure that these products look as good as possible too. We firmly believe that people with mobility problems or disabilities deserve exactly the same standards of quality and style that everyone else deserves – and using our design to installation service, we will make sure that the finished room is perfectly adapted to the customer.

If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced bathroom and wet room installation service in these areas, get in touch with Showering Solutions Ltd and we will happy to discuss your particular requirements.